Speaker: Anthony N. Johnson

Color Him Father

We will explore through songs, words and stories what it means to be a Father. Our exploration will feature a congregational panel of UUCP Fathers.

Harmony with the Soul

The “wise silence,” Emerson called it. Lao’ Tzu called it the “Tao,” the Zulu call it “Moya.” In Judaism they call it “ein sof,” that which is everything and is nothing. We call it “The Soul.” What may it mean to be in Harmony with the … read more.

I Love You, Ma

We honor those Mothers who have taught us how to be human, for they grew a human in their body. A salute to those Mothers who have cared for babies, or who have been a Mother to any living being.

Kids These Days!

Today’s sermon topic was chosen by Jonny Lifshitz in the winning bid at the UUCP auction last fall. We will focus on the Post-Millennial Generation, those born from 1997 to the present, the so-called “selfie-generation.” Young people today find themselves inheriting a society where the … read more.