Pastoral Care Services

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Our congregational community provides care for each other through our Pastoral Care programs, which supplement the natural network of family and friendship at UUCP. The roles in providing pastoral care are shared between the minister, whose role includes pastoral counseling and spiritual presence, and the members of the congregation who create the beloved community of support through their caring actions.

The Unicare network includes congregation members and friends who respond to requests for assistance with cards of support, meals, transportation and other resources.

For those who have lost a loved one, the minister is available to create Memorial Services and Celebrations of Life with families, while the memorial services coordinator supports the family of the deceased with service arrangements, helping to ease the way in their time of loss.

Pastoral counseling and visits by a minister are available upon request. Specially trained Lay Pastoral Care Associates, under the guidance of the minister, extend our ability to provide a confidential, caring presence to congregants undergoing stressful life challenges.


Lay Pastoral Care
This ministerial program provides a confidential, caring presence to congregants undergoing stressful life challenges. Lay Pastoral Care is the being arm of pastoral care at UUCP, providing an extension of Rev. Christine Dance’s own pastoral care presence.
Under the guidance of Rev. Dance, volunteer Lay Pastoral Care Associates are trained to listen fully, and support congregants during times of transition and hardship. 
To request pastoral support, or to speak with Rev. Christine Dance, email her at Pastoral Care brochures are also available in the literature rack near the UUCP front door. 


Unicare Caring Actions

The Unicare Caring Actions  volunteers are the doing arm of our pastoral care. In times of need or joy, Unicare volunteers provide support to congregants by sending cards, notes, emails, making calls, providing meals or temporary transport to doctor/healthcare visits. These caring actions are provided whenever possible, with volunteers notified of a request by an email from the Unicare Coordinator or from the Sunday Joys and Sorrows shared during service.

If you have a Unicare request for this level of support, please email the Unicare Coordinator at .


Friendship Partners

By making monthly visits, placing phone calls or staying in contact with a caregiver or someone with mobility issues, Friendship Partner volunteers extend the ties of community to friends unable to participate fully in UUCP activities. If you are requesting this type of connection with a UUCP volunteer partner, please email:  or


Memorial Services

UUCP offers space and ministerial support for Memorial Services. If you are inquiring about having a Memorial Service for a loved one at UUCP, please contact Reverend Christine Dance directly.