Topic: Belonging

Dia de los Muertos

Join us for our annual Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) service led by Abuela Sylvia Sharma. It is an opportunity to remember the good qualities and memories of our loved ones who have died. Please feel free to bring in photos of … read more.

From Communism to Community

UUCP’s history is fascinating and tells us a lot about the resilience that is in our DNA. Our early UUCP founders were chased out of multiple buildings for their liberal views in a time that has too many corollaries to our own. What can we … read more.

Longing For Belonging

Brene Brown says that our desire for connection and love runs deep but that “when we ‘fit in’ instead of actually ‘belong,’ we mold ourselves to the situation instead of standing for our authentic self.” We will explore this month’s theme of Belonging and exploring … read more.