Topic: Hope

Are You An Apocaloptimist?

Led by Rev. Christine Dance, with Worship Associate Gary Ezzell

The definition of an Apocoloptimist is someone who knows it’s all going terribly, but still thinks it will turn out okay. Given everything, why are we so hopeful? I don’t know, but we are.

This Sunday is … read more.

Sustaining Hope

Led by Rev. Christine Robinson, with Worship Associate Amy McKlindon

What does it take to sustain hope in these double-crisis days of American politics and public health…not to mention in the ups and downs of our personal lives? One way is to separate the … read more.

The Resurrection of Hope

You can easily LIVESTREAM virtual worship this Sunday, from your phone, computer or tablet. In-Person worship is temporarily discontinued. Please join us online!

On this Easter morning, we will collectively be sharing what brings us hope in these times.  We hope you will wear your … read more.