Keep your values living—and keep the chalice burning!

Planned or legacy giving allows us to ensure support for our most cherished values well into the future. By making a current or future gift to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix through the Unitarian Universalist Foundation of Phoenix, you can keep alive your dreams of expanding love, of spreading compassion, and of growing justice in the world.

At the same time, you help keep our chalice burning for future generations, sustaining our free faith in hope, reason, service and love. Legacy gifts and other gifts help the Congregation to establish funds that allow for long-term programs and projects that typically cannot be sustained by annual giving – things like a new lobby, or improvements to the patio. These funds help the Congregation dream big and plan into the future.


Giving Tree

Who leaves Legacy Gifts?

Almost anyone can leave a legacy gift. Most legacy gifts are not left by people with exceptional wealth. Every gift makes a difference. The Foundation Fund grows one gift at a time.

What is Chalice Keepers?

Chalice Keepers is the name of the legacy giving society organized by the Foundation. All who have signed a letter of intent to let the Congregation know of their plans to leave a legacy gift, are members of the society. Membership in Chalice Keepers allows the Foundation to recognize your generosity, and to provide special events for members.

Download a Letter of Intent Form

What is a Legacy Gift?

Legacy gifts (sometime called planned gifts) are contributions made through estate planning. The most common ways people leave such gifts are:

    • make the Foundation the beneficiary of all or part of an insurance policy
    • make the Foundation the beneficiary of all or part of a retirement plan
    • include a bequest to the Foundation in your will or estate plan

Before committing to any planned giving, we encourage you to consult with your legal and financial counsel

Download the Chalice Keeper Brochure