Topic: Environment

Earth Day

Led by Rev. Christine Dance, with Worship Associate Mary McManus. With some Love Letters To The Earth, we hope that we will protect that which we love. But loving isn’t enough. On this Earth Day, explored the beauty of the earth and our opportunities to … read more.

The World Is On Fire

Our earth is hurting and we’ve inflicted the wounds. In just a short time of pandemic isolation, we’ve seen how quickly the world can heal. How then, can we ever go back to thinking we can’t fix our environmental issues? Join us on the 50th … read more.

The Tide is Rising

Our hymnals are full of songs about love for the earth, our place in the interdependent web of life, and determination to make things right. As our environmental and climate crises loom, let’s sing these songs together and gather hope about the big changes we … read more.