Topic: Expectation

Living Into the Living System

Wisdom from science and spirituality alike is pointing to the deep truth of our interconnection with all life. At this time in our lives, as global citizens, as Unitarian Universalists, as people trying to get by in an increasingly anxious world, how do we live … read more.

Anti-Racism As a Spiritual Practice

Sometimes our justice work is external, but it is often most powerful when we do the internal work. Join us to explore how anti-racism work can be a powerful internal exercise, even a spiritual exercise.

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View full … read more.

Let’s Human Together

As we begin a new year together, let us explore what it means to be human in community. As we lean into our humanity, we will explore how we will delight each other, make mistakes, understand, apologize, come back together again in community, and celebrate. … read more.

Ingathering / Water Communion

Water is universal, eternal, ever-changing. As we gather for the traditional Water Communion to celebrate a new program year of our community, we reflect on water- in our lives and as a tool and symbol of resistance and justice in our communities. Bring water to … read more.