Topic: Integrity

This Ministry Is Not Mine

Ministry does not belong to the Minister alone–it belongs to the entire community. Ours is a shared ministry. What does that mean? Why is it something we want to strive for? Why does it matter? This is a special single 90-minute service from 10:30-12:00. The … read more.

MLK Sunday: Comfortable Racism

When we think of Martin Luther King, Jr. and racism, we often think of the Civil Rights era. But racism is alive and well in so many corners of our culture. We will celebrate Dr. King and his legacy and the work that still needs … read more.

Divining The Body

Let us gather to find again the divinity of our miraculous bodies, our beautiful souls. If you have ever thought that your body is too fat or thin or your hearing aid is a flaw… If you have ever run into an inaccessible doorway or … read more.

Music as Scripture: Shine

Other faith traditions take a piece of scripture and analyze it. This morning, we will take a song by popular musician Jason Mraz and search for the relevance to our lives as Unitarian Universalists. Join us for an uplifting morning of music and meaning.

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