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Member Directory

Members can access our directory HERE or by clicking on Member Directory listed under the Publications tab at the top of this page.  You will be required to log into Realm.  If you are already logged into Realm, it will display automatically.

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Emergency Response Manual

You will be required to be logged into Realm to view our safety and emergency procedures.

UUCP Guidebook

The purpose of this Guidebook is to provide standard operating procedures and guidelines for carrying out the work of the congregation. Click here to view and download the guidebook.

Annual Reports Archive

Each May, our congregation publishes an annual report. Click here for the Annual Report archives.

UUCP History 1947 – 2017
Compiled by congregational historian Charlotte Carl-Mitchell in 2017, it includes never-before-shared information on our earliest ministers gleaned from the UUA archives at Harvard University. A few black-and-white printed copies of the history will be available. For current history, refer to Our History timeline.

Horizons Archives

Horizons Journal archives are available on our website. The last printed issue of Horizons was December, 2018.

Connections Archives

Our congregation published a catalog of events for the year, each August through 2018, called UUCP Connections.  Click here for Connections archives.