In Unitarian Universalist communities, child dedications are an opportunity for parents to bring their young children to be blessed and welcomed into community.  It is also a way for the community to offer their blessings and support to parents and children.


The child dedication is not a ritual to remove sin, nor to provide special privilege, but a recognition of the importance of honoring the young lives in our community and their families. It is also a time when parents and the congregation as a whole are asked to dedicate themselves to the fullest unfolding of the growth and personality of the child and to nurturing a community of peace in which all children may grow.


We use water and a rose for the dedication. Water is a symbol of nature’s bounty and our own connection to nature as part of the human family. The rose is a symbol of the unique gift that each child is and our hope that each child will, throughout their lives, unfold and blossom just as the rose.


Child Dedications are typically done within a Sunday service.  For members and active participants, please contact the Lead Minister if you are interested in having your child or children dedicated.


For non-members, child dedications can sometimes be arranged with a minister affiliated with the congregation. Fees for service or a donation to the congregation may apply. To request to talk with someone about a child dedication service, please contact the office at 602-840-8400.