Speaker: Amy McKlindon

Phoenix Rising

In Rev. Christine’s first service in this year’s program year, we’ll look at the metaphorical Phoenix in the literal Phoenix. What lessons do we have about rising, recreating, and re-envisioning as we start this year together?

Please Join Us!

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The Year of No

Led by Amy McKlindon and Worship Associate, Carrie Lifshitz… The pandemic gave us blanket permission to say no – without question or guilt. Let’s reflect together on the boundaries we’ve set individually and collectively, and the liberation to be found in saying no – especially … read more.

Difficult Words

Led by Gary Ezzell and Worship Associate, Amy McKlindon. Words like “worship”, “spirit”, “faith”, and “church” can be uncomfortable for some of us UUs, depending on our individual histories and philosophies. I’ll share some thoughts about how I have accommodated to words that trouble me, … read more.

“Yes, And”

The first rule of improv – “yes, and” – requires comedians to accept what others put forward and build on it through their own contributions. We’ll explore how this simple principle can create space for the dualities of life, leading to stronger relationships and deeper … read more.

Trusting in Trust

H.L. Mencken said, “It is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest, that holds human associations together.” How does trust work within a congregation of so many people with such different beliefs? Four of our congregation members will discuss trust within a community setting.

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