Why have a foundation?

Why? So we can realize current dreams-and grow bigger dreams for the future.

The purpose of the Unitarian Universalist Foundation of Phoenix is to benefit the UU Congregation of Phoenix. Through gifts and loans, the Foundation assists with projects such as long range programs, major building and property improvements that cannot typically be sustained through annual operating contributions. The more the Foundation Fund grows, the closer we come to fulfilling the Congregation’s mission.

Supporting the Present

Each year the Foundation has historically distributed to the Congregation an amount equal to around five percent of Foundation assets at the end of the previous calendar year. These funds support the Congregation’s annual operating budget. The Congregation’s Board may formally request assistance from the Foundation for projects that support long-term growth and health of the Congregation and Unitarian Universalism. Recent support from the Foundation, along with generous contributions to the Capital Campaign, helped to realize the dream of a more welcoming patio space for all ages.

Ensuring the Future

As the Congregation looks ahead, there are continuing dreams such as a more accessible front entrance and renovations to the Memorial Garden. As the Foundation grows, through legacy or planned gifts and gifts honoring special events in our lives or in memory of loved ones, our dreams will come closer to reality. The UUFP Memory Book, kept in the office, is a permanent record of these gifts. To learn more about providing for the Foundation in your estate planning, please see our Chalice Keepers: Leave a Legacy of Love brochure or contact a member of the Foundation Board. To make a gift in honor of someone, please click on the Chalice Keepers & Legacy Society under Support on the main UUCP webpage or you may write a check to the Unitarian Universalist Foundation of Phoenix and include ‘in honor of’ in the memo line.


Every member of the Congregation is a member of the Foundation.  Six directors are elected by the members at the Foundation’s annual meeting, usually held in conjunction with the June meeting of the Congregation. Directors serve overlapping three year terms. Working with our financial advisors and operating from a conservative investment philosophy, the Board manages the Foundation Fund for growth and stability. The Board considers and approves disbursements. And finally, the Board promotes giving to the Foundation and offers programs related to personal financial management and legacy or planned giving.

Click HERE to see a list of current UU Foundation elected officers.

Download the Foundation Brochure