A wide range of giving opportunities fit under the planned giving umbrella, including charitable bequests, life income gift arrangements (charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities, and pooled income funds), as well as gifts of real estate and gifts that use retirement and insurance plan benefits. Most planned gifts are deferred, meaning that the congregation receives the financial benefit after the donor dies.

Many planned gifts fall into two categories:

    • Testamentary gifts (bequests) are by far the most popular, reliable, and inexpensive planned gift. These take the form of specific provisions within a donor’s will, stating that all or some portion of the donor’s estate will be a charitable gift to the congregation. With “umbrella giving”, donors may make their bequest to the UUA, stipulating gifts to UUCP or other UU entities. The UUA can administer the distribution of funds to all of named beneficiaries.
    • Life income gift arrangements are another popular form of planned giving. These may take the form of charitable trusts, gift annuities, and gifts to the UUA Pooled Income Fund. Simply stated, a donor makes a gift of $5000 or more ($100,000 or more in the case of a trust), enjoys an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of the gift, avoids some or all capital gains, and receives a quarterly check for the rest of her or his life. After the donor dies, the gift is distributed to UUCP, and any other UU entity according to the donor’s wishes.

Planned gifts come in a variety of forms, and involve many different kinds of assets. It is important to know which option(s) are right for YOU (please see the attached “Gifting Scenario Chart” below). To assist you, UUF has provided a listing of resources, including local professionals used by congregational members who can review your financial circumstances, financial and estate planning goals, and advise you on your options.

We encourage you to seek independent qualified counsel to look after your interests, before committing to a gift plan of any significance or complexity. Qualified and reputable attorneys, real estate brokers, bankers, accountants, stockbrokers, financial planners and advisors , and life insurance agents may assist you in your estate planning.

The UUA Legacy Gifts staff is also available to provide professional, timely, and reliable service and information. For more information, contact toll free (888) 792-5885 or go to the UUA website