UUCP Covenant of Commitment to our Congregation

I am committed to the role our congregation plays in my religious exploration, and respect the shared ministry of each congregant, staff member, and minister, therefore:

  • I acknowledge and accept my role as a community
    member, approaching each encounter with curiosity;
    generosity, and patience with the process
  • I honor differences as opportunities to learn
  • I  listen to what others say
  • I do my best to communicate directly and with humility.

I understand disagreement and conflict as an opportunity for growth,

  • I state my views with kindness directly to those involved
  • I say of another only what I would say to them;
  • I am open to be changed by others;
  • I practice both patience and fortitude;
  • I remember to show gratitude to others for their

I affirm our flourishing religious community, therefore:

  • I am generous with my talents, efforts, and gifts;
  • I support those who take leader positions;
  • I accept leadership when called and guide with love,
    warmth, and humor;
  • I encourage positive development within our
    congregation, individually and collectively.

Thus do I covenant.