UU Virtual Egg Hunt

Surprise! It’s time for the Unitarian Universalist Virtual Egg Hunt 2021!

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Happy Easter to all! We have a #uuanywhere surprise for you: UU staff and lay leaders from all over North America have hidden Easter egg pictures on their congregational and organization websites for you to find. Welcome, to the UU Virtual Easter Egg Hunt 2021!


How does it work? Below, there are two links (plus an extra challenge): the first link will take you on an Easy egg hunt. Simply follow the eggs you find on each webpage to the prize page at the end – clicking each egg picture will take you to the next egg! Or, you may wish to challenge yourself by clicking on the second link. This is the Difficult egg hunt. To complete this egg hunt, you’ll need to search entire websites for your Easter eggs. Both hunts will take you to the same prize page, so it does not matter which you choose. Just have fun!
If at any point you become stuck, please reply to this email and UUCP’s Children’s Ministry will help to un-stick you. The egg hunt will stay online for the entire month of April. Happy hunting!