Bring school supplies 
now through Aug. 4th

The new school year will be underway at our community partner school – Maryland Elementary School – on Monday, August 5th. Teachers will soon be meeting for professional development and planning sessions, preparing their rooms, and getting acquainted with new students and families.

As always, budgets for supplies are tight and certain items are in high demand and short supply, with teachers very often spending their own money to make them available in their classrooms. It is especially true in a school like Maryland, where many families live in poverty and are financially unable to help provide these supplies. This is one of the ways our partnership assistance makes a significant difference. Each group in our community-school partnership (which includes Beatitudes Campus and Church of the Beatitudes) is targeting certain supply items the school has requested, so that we can more efficiently collect the variety and quantity needed. We are asking your help in bringing the following items for students:

½”  Binders

Sticky tabs

Dry Erase Markers

Stuffed Animals

Monetary donations to purchase these items are very welcome – checks to UUCP (Maryland School in note line) sent to UUCP or dropped off at Advancing Justice table on Sunday.

Be a Garden Club Sponsor!

For ten years a vegetable-flower-herb garden has flourished at Maryland School, a place where can students can experience and learn about nature. First and fourth grade students have classes several times a month all year during the school day. This year a new opportunity will be available to 4th, 5th and 6th graders to participate in a garden club three days a week after school, which will expand their knowledge of biology and scientific methods. You can help make this possible and to pay the club teacher by sending a tax credit donation of $200 ($400) for couples, money that will be credited back to you when you file your 2019 Arizona state taxes. Use the Washington Elementary School District form available at the Advancing Justice table, mark the “garden club” box, and mail it with a check made out to “Maryland School” to the address on the form. Or use this link to the form, print out, and write in “garden club.”

Maryland School Volunteers Needed

Here are some ways you can make a gift of your time and talents to help:
• At Maryland School many students struggle with academic achievement at their grade level and also with self-confidence. Your help with a student in reading or math can make a world of difference in their success – an hour – or half day – once or twice a week (you don’t have to be an experienced teacher to do this!)
• Join the garden team twice a month throughout the year, engaging a small group of students in garden activities.
• Help teachers with a family event at school between 4:00-5:30. These take place about five times during the year.

The experiences, satisfaction and stories that come from those who have participated with students in school activities have shown us that this Partnership has a powerful impact for all involved. To join up, be in touch with Cathy Kim – (602-708-6423) or sign up at the Advancing Justice Table.

Thank you for your interest in educating the children of Maryland School!