Join us for three gentle, revolutionary evenings of getting to know each other and sharing our stories within aspects of our identities. Each group will be led by members of the congregation, and within the groups, we will share equally and confidentially. Each evening begins with a Community Night meal at 6:00pm. The groups run from 6:45-8:45pm, and coffee and tea will be served in the sanctuary at 8:45 for anyone who wants to chat before heading home. Children can go to Chalice Kids while their parents participate in these groups.

Sept. 29: Religious Heritage
Christian/Protestant heritage folks in the sanctuary
Raised Unitarian Universalist folks in the Johnson Room
Catholic heritage folks in Annex A
Mormon heritage folks in the Minister’s Office
Jewish heritage folks in Room 9 (Director of Children’s Ministries Office)

Other heritages and backgrounds (Muslim, Bahai, Rastafarian, Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, and others) in Annex B

Those with multiple faiths in their families’ histories are welcome in ALL groups that they have ANY background in.


Oct. 6: Gender
Women in the Sanctuary
Men in Johnson Room

Transgender and genderfluid folks are welcome in both groups.



Oct. 13: Race
People of the Global Majority (People of Color) in Johnson Room
White People in the Sanctuary
Those who have sometimes been targeted by racism and at other times have “passed” as white are welcome in both groups.