To the Future

To the Future

Can we go back to the Future?

Can we go forward to the Future?

Is the Future ours to behold, to control or to vanquish?

Is the Future ours at All?

Does the Future belong to anyone?

Or is the Future like Life, a Riddle and a Mystery?

Yes, I say, the Future belongs to no one, yet to All.

The Future is a Riddle and a Mystery.

A Riddle whose expression flows like a River, a river that is never the same twice

A mystery beyond comprehension, beyond any price.

The future Is mine, is yours, is hers, is his and is theirs

Is no ones and like the Tao cannot be truly expressed.

The Future is only to Behold, to be seen, yet is always hidden.

Without name, the Future alone nourishes and brings everything to fulfillment.

We Bless the Future and the Future Blesses us, Here’s to The Future!