Connection, Stewardship, Commitment

Our Mission is

Welcoming All in Building Religious Community, called to

Share Journeys   Grow in Spirit   Advance Justice

The definition of Stewardship – “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care”.

We’ve been exploring our expanded understanding of Stewardship this year beginning with the development of our Neighborhood Connections program, connecting us geographically with each other to form deeper relationships. It’s an ongoing process as we create the structure. Huge kudos to those leading that program and those volunteering within their neighborhoods to lead!

Our gratitude for the presence of UUCP in our lives and our community is priceless. We are needed now more than ever before to be active in building community within our walls and in the greater world. In order to do this, we ask that every one of you also participate in our financial future to ensure our continued ability to exist and grow.

Our goal is 100% participation in this year’s campaign and a 6% financial increase from last year’s goal.

We have a generous matching grant offering $50 added to every brand-new commitment, totaling $1500. Help us earn those extra dollars! And for those of you who are already seasoned givers, see if you might be able to stretch into the next level!

This year for our annual budget campaign, we implemented a highly successful model used in other congregations called “Commitment Sunday”. In March, you’ve heard affirmations from some of our members about what and why they give, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. On Sunday, March 31st, we presented our written material and a commitment form for 2019-20. Consider what you are willing or able to financially commit for the upcoming year. As we gathered Sunday for ONE service at 10:30am, we made our commitments and submitted our forms after the service in a festive atmosphere, while listening to great music together! The drumming was amazing and the Quinns’ moved me to tears with our Postlude.

After service we took our Congregational Photo and then continued the party outside. The food, drinks and décor were fabulous and planned by an enthusiastic committee. It was great to just relax and socialize with each other.

The party continued at 2:00pm at McCormick Railroad Park with the UUCP Family Picnic sponsored by the UUCP Foundation. They had a bounce house and perfect weather and more connecting!

All the forms are at UUCP in personalized packets for 2018-19 givers, or fill out a blank one provided, or sign up on the website or now on Realm. The links to them are also available in your Compass this week and last. We will have the packets out again and be collecting them on April 7. After that time, we will mail out packets to those who have not picked theirs up.

Think about what UUCP means to you and what inspires you. Perhaps the music program, the children’s ministry, social justice activism, small group ministry, our beautiful campus, or the loving faces of our community, to name just a few. Consider how important UUCP is to you and our community and then let us join together in committing to our future. You matter, we matter.