Required Documents to Display Art in the UUCP Sanctuary.  
UUCP members have enjoyed art displayed in our sanctuary for many years and the Sanctuary Art Team is excited to have new offerings in the coming months.  When a date has been choose to mount new art, there are two documents which must be filled out.  The first is the Inventory list of the works you intend to show. It included the Title, Medium, Dimensions-Width/Height, and the Price (or Not For Sale).  Keep in mind, UUCP will receive 20% of  the amount of a sale.  This document should be filled out and emailed to the Sanctuary Art Team a week or so before the set up date (to
The second document is the artist Agreement, which must be signed and an original to accompany the works of Art.  No Art will be hung with out these to completed documents.  This agreement explains the expectations of the Sanctuary Art Team in displaying your Works of Art.

Guest Artist Agreement

Artist Inventory Sheet