A New Horizons

The “Horizons” church bulletin began in 1947, months after the founding of the UU Congregation of Phoenix, with a name inspired by one of those amazing Arizona sunsets that we continue to enjoy today.  Sunsets remain much the same, but communication channels in our culture have expanded and become much more flexible and creative over the years.  Our own Horizons has fallen a bit behind the times, since it is impossible to keep up with the dynamic pace of emerging congregational activities in a monthly printed newsletter.

So we are changing with the times!  This November 2018 edition will be the final mass-mailed Horizons newsletter at UUCP.  In keeping with Radical Inclusion we will still mail a printed Connections program guide, and send printouts on request for people who are not connected electronically, so they still get all their news.

Our monthly Theme (Small Group) packet will soon expand, to provide a richer resource of articles, questions, quotes and reflections for small groups, family discussions, and individuals.  This will still be available printed to pick up in the lobby, and also online.

We will be posting more frequent updates on our website, including the staff and leader columns, the news, events and articles from our committees and teams.  We will then connect to all those from the weekly Compass email and the printed announcements in the order of service, as well as Facebook and other emerging communication channels on social media.  These changes will allow us to be more timely, responsive and accessible, putting news right at your fingertips from any device.  The increased use of blogs and Facebook will also open the window wide for visitors and newcomers to see all the things we do, so that we can better connect with the reality of amazing activity in the congregation. And so UUCP continues to explore and innovate for deeper connection and expanded possibility — the journey continues!