Adventure Tales: A Radically Inclusive Evening!
Fundraiser on Saturday January 30, 2021 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. 

How to Tell a Story

To Submit a Story 

Submitting your story is easy! Just click the SUBMIT YOUR STORY VIDEO button below, fill in your details, and follow the instructions to upload your video.  Please contact the Committee at if you have questions. If you need technical support, contact


Storyteller events are filled with neighbors and notables who have a true, first-person story they’re willing to share in front of a virtual audience. Storytellers are welcome to address the theme literally or metaphorically.

1) The story should be about a personal adventure.
2) The video recording of your story should be 5 to 8 (maximum) minutes long.
3) Consider that your audience will be one of all ages.
4) Additional guidance from the Storyteller’s Project:
  • Stories must be true.
  • Stories must be (mostly) about you.
  • Anything you say in public must not compromise your ability to return to work, your family or your community.
  • Anything you say in public must not damage the reputation of another person.
  • Stories are not talks. If you want to teach something, explain something, convince people of something, inspire people to feel something or call people to some action, that’s a talk. 

Storytelling Basics

All stories document change. If you don’t change what you think, what you do or how you act, then you don’t have a story. You probably recognize these from elementary school English, but we never get tired of basic story structure.  
  • Include people, place and time in the first sentences.
  • Have a conflict or problem. 
  • Include someone or something that helps you solve the problem or resolve the conflict. 
  • Make a point. Implicit or explicit.
  • Please don’t end your story with a cliffhanger. Tell us how things end.  

Click Here for the Story Starter Worksheet


For technical assistance, contact